Our History

Sidney D. Burrill

iNova, originally named the NS Postal Employees Credit Union started in the basement of Sidney D. Burrill's home. Mr. Burill's great grandson stopped by iNova in Aug 2017 to provide even more photos and memories of our credit union! Below are photos of the original location of iNova, what it looks like today and the great grandson who is keeping Mr. Burrill's memory alive.

parker parker2

iNova Credit Union has been gererously given copies of some documents from a personal scrap book of founding board member Sidney D. Burrill. We have been provided a fact sheet the credit union from August 1960, a Financial Statement from April 30th, 1936, the retirement notice of Mr Burrill and Mr Burrill's obituarty.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Mr Brian Hulburt for sharing a part of iNova Credit Union's history as well as the memorabilia of his great grandfather.