YOUR Chequing

We are changing our Service Charge Fees and Package Plans. Click Here for a full update on what is changing effective June 1st, 2018

YOUR Chequing Options
make managing your money easy. Choose from our range of options so your account reflects what you need to manage your everyday financial activities in an affordable way. Not sure which account is right for your day-today financial needs? With competitive fees and our many chequing account options, finding your match is simple. We will help.

  • YOUR Chequing
    Ideal for your day-to-day financial needs with pay-as-you-go transaction fees

YOUR Package Options: Four options to choose from, based on your unique needs and how you use your accounts. Whether you use electronic access, or prefer the personal touch of credit union service, we offer packages to satisfy your needs. With a package price that offers greater savings for one low monthly fee, it’s easy to manage.

  • YOUR Chequing 15
    Transact a little. You only make a few transactions and want a low monthly fee.
  • YOUR Chequing 40
    Transact a lot. You average one transaction a day, with a few extra on the weekend.
  • YOUR Chequing Unlimited
    Transact without limits. You want the ultimate in convenience, earning power and value-added account features.
  • YOUR Chequing Electronic
    Transact electronically. You want access to your accounts, anytime, anywhere, using self-service options.

YOUR US$$ Chequing
Don’t be bound by borders! You want an account to manage YOUR US funds.

YOUR Student Chequing
A low-cost, stress-free chequing package designed for students.



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