Tax Free Savings


The Federal Government has introduced a new registered savings account that allows taxpayers to earn investment income tax-free. The Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is available to Canadian Residents age 18 and older. TFSA allows taxpayers to set money aside in eligible investment vehicles and watch those savings grow tax-free throughout their lifetime.

There are no restrictions on the way TFSA Account contributions and earnings may be used (i.e. purchase a car, renovate a home, start a small business, take a family vacation, or just save for a rainy day). All income levels and all walks of life can benefit from a TFSA. But only a careful review of each person's financial situation will determine how to optimize use of RRSP's, RESP's, RRIF's and TFSAs

Contributions to a TFSA may only be made by the Holder and the amount is not tied to the income of the Holder.

  • Qualified Investments
    The types of eligible investments are restircted under the Income Tax Act and include;

    • Term deposits and GIC's
    • Variable interest savings accounts
    • Credit union shares
    • Index-Linked term deposits
    • Mutual Funds
    • Publicly traded securities
    • Bonds

If you would like to open a Tax Free Savings Account or have any additional questions you can contact an iNova Credit Union Account Manager for an appointment.

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